International Table Tennis Day in Cieliakhany, Belarus

Belarus Table Tennis family shared love to its favorite sport with boys and girls from an educational orphanage in Cielekhany, Belarus celebrating International Table Tennis Day on April the 6th.The current table tennis champion of Belarus Katsiaryna Baravok, Belarus national team player Heorhi Kunats as well as the head reserve coach Rastsislau Zhadzko visited young players sharing their experience and memorable moments from their sport lives.


At the beginning of the event the guests answered children’s questions. The young table tennis fans asked how they started their sport career, what the training session looks like and what one needs to do to reach high level results.

After all the questions were asked and answered, the professionals demonstrated the basic elements of the game and showed off some exciting table tennis tricks.
The children were impressed by the skills and were eager to try something of the kind by the tennis table.
Understanding this is a long way to go, they started off by learning how to receive the serve. Katsiaryna and Heorhi demonstrated how to serve the ball and receive it as well as how to attack.
By the end of the master class, the kids were happy to try to beat the professionals.


There are 116 students in the Cielekhany educational orphanage. 11 of them play table tennis twice a week. The orphanage coach Siarhei Kapytsitch shared some training secrets with us:
"It’s important that children train regularly. They start when they are 6 years old. We teach them how to grab a racket, how to hold it in a correct and most effective way, how to throw a ball and serve it. I try my best to make the training session effective as well as fun. I teach them to level up their speed and playing technique.
We often organize competitions among our players. Unfortunately there few competitions among orphanages, which makes it almost impossible to upgrade our players’ playing practice".


After the master class was over more children signed up to play table tennis.


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