RCOT Team (Republican Center of Olympic Training) had become the champion of the Belarus Table Tennis Team Cup finals!

The superfinal of the Belarus Team Championship ended up on May 21, 2022.
The women team of RCOT (Victoria Paulovich, Daria Trigolos, Vera Volkava and Katsiaryna Baravok, Darja Vasilenka) once again proved its champion title. The current champions outplayed the team of Sport and Tourism Authority-1, Hrodna, with the score 4:0.
Tatiana Petkevitch, the team coach, was delighted with the winning results and proud of the athletes she works with:

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“All the athletes of the RCOT team are in a great sport shape for sure. They really are the strongest in the country. Every match ended up with the score 4:0 or 4:1, the score speaks for itself.
Nevertheless, the athletes from other teams proved themselves as strong athletes with great skills who can show some tough resistance and who are hard to compete with. As an example, we can recall the match with Inna Karagodzina, a very strong athlete from Hrodna team. Vera Volkava had to do her best to beat her. The couch team watched the match nervously as Inna turned out to be a talented and skillful player not so easy to win. Vera won the first set but she lost it in the next two sets. As she is an experienced athlete, she pulled herself together and returned herself to her winning track. She played taking unexpected turns and showed some grit. She did very well!
Every member of our team gained some sport weight in the past few years.
Katsiaryna Baravok, the champion of Belarus, once again proved she is the best.
Daria Trigolos, a skillful athlete with great international practice who demonstrates a great playing level.
Victoria Paulovitch helped our team become the best; she didn’t play today but still came to the game to suport us”52088827126 d2b87652f9 c

The match between Sport and Tourism Authority team, Mahilow, and Sport Children and Youth School of Olympic Reserve-1 team (SDUShOR-1), Minsk, for the third position came out very dramatic. Every set was extremly intense, every team played showing its best skills, and they took turns taking the winning pace. In the seventh decisive match Anna Astapuk, Mahilow, needed five sets to outplay Uliana Alkhouskaya and gain a bronze medal for her team.52088418541 562927dfb7 c

A man’s finals showed some tough competition between two teams of RCOT (Republican Center of Training 1 and 2).
Andrei Vorobiev, the head coach, said he presumed the first team would win but he was sure there would a very rough competition:
Andrey Milovanov and Andrey Tsiarokhin(RCOT-2 team) are very skillful players; they sometimes win the matches which seem impossible to win. As soon as they approach a table tennis table, they only see the game and are 100% concentrated. They are experienced players with some tricky techniques and a lot of playing practice who are not so easy to outplay. Daniil Vitorski is a young and promising athlete, unfortunately not very much experienced so far, which is evened by his attacking and active style of game though.
Nevertheless, I expected the RCOT-1 team to be the best as the team members have an equally high playing level. I am talking about Vladislav Rukletsov, the champion of Belarus, and Belarus national team members Heorhi Kunats and Mikhail Tsyhanouski.
I must admit, that some matches made me very anxious about the result. For instance, the match between Mikhail Tsyhanouski and Daniil Vitorski. Mikhail got puzzled by the pressure Daniil played with and at some point he seemed to lose it. He needed some time to pull himself together and change his attitude towards his competitor, start perceiving him as equal. It helped him to win.
The hero of today matches I would personally say is Heorhi Kunats who brought 2 points to his team. Losing to Milavanau with the score 0:2 he pulled himself together and won.
Tsiarekhin faced quite the opposite situation. He was wining with the score 2:0 after that he somehow let it go and started losing. He needed some time to reevaluate the competitor and chose some other attitude towards the game to grab his victory.
I do not have anything nice to say about the current Belarus champion Vladislav Rukletsov. He should have set himself as an example to other players, demonstrating some decent sport behavior. What we witnessed was something un-champion misbehavior. Throwing a racket – is not a table tennis style, I would call it antitennis. He showed himself emotionally immature, which is unacceptable for a current champion”.

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The final match ended up with the score 4:3 making RCOT-1 a champion.
The BSU team won the bronze leaving the Sport and Tourism Authority Team, Mahilow, with no medal.

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The transition matches as well took place on Saturday. Now we have a clue what teams will play the top league next season.
There was no women match as “Dinamo Minsk” team didn’t apply the entry on time. The team was disqualified and will play in the first league next year.
A combined team of Sport Children and Youth School of Olympic Reserve -2, Brest, and Children and Youth Sport School -2, Barysau, automatically gets into the top league.
“Grybnoy ray” team, Brest region, and “Sofclub Minsk” demonstrated some intense competition. Brest region team needed seven matches to play to prove they are worth to play in the top league.52088266288 2a64c58db5 c

We asked the team representative Aliaksey Galavinsky what his team lacks to stay safe in the top league:
“We are not professional players; table tennis is a hobby for us. Sometimes we get so busy at our jobs; we don’t have time for trainings. Nevertheless, we are more than happy to get into the top league. The next team meeting we are going to discuss our plans and what we are to do to fix ourselves among players of table tennis professionals”

Please, follow the link bellow to see the vivid pictures of the Belarus Team Cup Superfinal 2022:



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