SDK Decision concerning unsportsmanlike conduct of Andrei Milovanov and Vladislav Rukletsov

Sports and Disciplinary Commission reviewed and assessed the unsportsmanlike conduct of Andrei Milovanov and Vladislav Rukletsov at the Belarus Table Tennis Team Championship finals on May 21st , 2022.
Andrei Milovanov’s misconduct is explained by emotionally excited situation, which can occur in any sport especially in a tense competition. Sports and Disciplinary Commission members are unanimous in the opinion that using of obscene vocabulary is unacceptable during the matches and breaks the table tennis code conduct as well as damages the image of this sport.
Sports and Disciplinary Commission issued Andrei Milovanov a warning.
Vladislav Rukletsov’s unsportsmanlike conduct is expressed by his disrespectful attitude towards his competitors and the audience watching the game, which breaks the principles of fair play.
Vladislav is sentenced to suspended disqualification until December 31, 2022.


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