The open championship of the Republic of Belarus, the super final, the major league: the results

Today the super final of the major league of the team championship of the Republic of Belarus was completed. The first who fought for the medals were the women's teams.

In a series for the third place there were the teams USiT of Mogilev and SDYUSHOR of Minsk. The two starting games were left for the guests. Later the Minsk girl Uliana Olkhovskaya broke the course of the meeting, defeated Daria Kissel, and then made a significant contribution to the victory in the double match. However, it was not possible to develop the full success. With the score of 4:3 the third place was won by the team from Mogilev.

In the final match, the teams of the RCOP of Minsk and the USiT of Grodno met. How different were the first and the last meetings of the series! The starting match between Ekaterina Borovok (RCOP) and Margarita Baltushite (USiT) turned out to be tense. Some fans called it "a game of the nerves." The athlete from Grodno came one point ahead , the Minsk girl was in the role of the catching up. With the score of 9:9 in the third game there was took a pause and a substitution of the ball was required, but it did not help Ekaterina to reverse the trend: the Grodno team came forward.

However, this was the first and the only point for the team from Grodno. Further initiative was intercepted by the capital's sportswomen. With a team account of 3:1, Nadezhda Bogdanova confidently won against Margarita Baltushite and brought a victory point to the team of the RCOP of Minsk. The general account 4:1 was in favor of Minsk.

Among the men the hero of the series for the third place could become Vladislav Rukletsov from Minsk. With a score of 3: 0 in favor of Mogilev, he made a significant contribution to the victory in the double match, and in a personal meeting his confident game was not stopped even by the red card with which Vlad started the 3rd set. It should be noted the two of the most striking bouts of the series, if not the entire championship, which were held by Vadim Antonov from the USiT of Mogilev. Both times he won more or less, and brought a victory point to his team in the game with Ilya Korchinsky. With a score of 4: 3 in a really dramatic match, the team from Mogilev pulled out the bronze.

There was no struggle in the games for the first place. The RCOP-1of Minsk confidently defeated GU FSK "Grand" of Zhodino with a score of 4:0.

Thus, for the second year in a row, the "gold" of the team championship of the country among the men and the women is won by the capital teams: RCOP and RCOP-1. We congratulate the winners and thank the teamы for a beautiful and honest fight!


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