TRAINING CAMP in Aspire Academy, Qatar

"Aspire Academy" is a sports school in Doha, QAT, for boys from 12 to 18 years old. This is a unique facility gathering many sports under one roof: table tennis, football, track and field athletics, squash. By and large, "Aspire Academy" is a series of related buildings, where children do not only train, but also they study and even live here, going home only on weekends. In the evening, there are billiards, table football and tennis. Meals are provided in the same building.

On the basis of "Aspire Academy" a training camp is organized. The dates of holding are 18th of November till 1st of December. The athletes from Belarus will take part in such a camp. They are:

1. Vladislav Rukletsov;

2. Ilya Korchinsky;

3. Georgy Kunats;

4. Mikhail Tsyganovsky;

5. Vyacheslav Belokon;

6. Alexei Abramovich;

7. Maxim Saatov - coach.

Maxim Saatov’s commentary:

The training process is on schedule. There are worthy sparring partners. There are two athletes (19 and 20 years old), who train in "Aspire Academy", who none of our guys have managed to beat yet. During the camp, 2 days off are provided, in which the host party organizes excursions.

Moreover, the Aspire Academy has a branch of sports science. The Academy's specialists conduct more than 17,000 studies using world-class scientific equipment every year.

This experience will be useful both to the students of the Academy, and to our athletes.

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